Head/Hat - POC Recondo
Upper Body - "Wolf Pack" (3pk) 50th Falcon
Lower Body - Retaliation Flint
Shoulder Holster - SW ROTJ Gen. Lando
Belt Holster - Kwinn
Backpack - ARAH "Battle Pack" Recondo

This is sort of an homage to both the v.1 and v.2 (Tiger Force) Recondo. To me, the ARAH v.1 tan figure looked more like a Desert Trooper than a Jungle Trooper. So, I decided to go with more Tiger Force color schemes sans the cartoon colored legs.

Simple "chop shop" custom. Using my Dremel, I cut the bottom half off of 50th Falcon and the upper part off of Retaliation Flint. The shirttail/skirt hides the seam.

I also Dremelled out the big peg on the ARAH backpack and cut & glued a peg from a modern backpack. Gave the vintage backpack a wash in green to match the pants better.

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