Head-25th Lifeline
Torso-25th Tomax
Arms-25th Dusty
Upper Legs-Rise of Cobra Gi Joe Trooper (not sure which one)
Lower Legs-25th General Hawk
Hat/Webgear-Ragin spoon
Backpack-Star Wars Endor soldier
Antenna-Star Wars Clone Trooper

Everytime I think of Recoil I think of his file card-a professional marathon runner and weighlifter. I remember my father laughing since the two seemed to be in such diametrically opposed things you could do with your body.
K kept that in mind with this figure though and tried to capture the broad chest and leaner legs that I would imagine someone like that would have.
I debated about giving him modern day digital camo or the 80s version of it. Ultimately I decided to go with the 80's look since I wanted to capture that time period for this figure. The harness was a casted piece that unfortunately snapped pretty early on so I had to improvise on how to fix it. Ultimately I created a new backpiece for it and then glued the holster to the figures waste belt instead of his harness belt.
I had also though about going with some form of blue on his gun but felt a greyish blue would be more along the lines of his look here.

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