Head: '87 Red Dog
Torso: '90 Salvo
arms: '87 Red Dog
Waist: '90 Topside
Legs: '86 Mindbender

Yes, I know the Sonic Boom tank is a Street fighter 2 vehicle and one could argue that its not GI Joe. I also know that it came with a driver of its own in Guile. However, the vehicle I picked up at a show a few years back was sans driver, and I flat out love this little thing.
Instead of nabbing one of those Guile figures, I decided to just a make a custom driver instead and Red Dog immediately came to mind. I had already updated red Dog once as part of my Battle Corps line up, but the character is growing on me and I wanted to continue expanding his role in my collection.

Overall, this was a really simple custom, but I think he works well as the SBT driver.

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