Head/Lower Legs/Wings: Resin Falcon
Torso/Arms/Waist/Upper Legs: Sgt. Stalker

I thought it would really be cool to take the Raptor idea a step beyond what Hasbro did with the figure. I was trying to get the parts for this custom for a better part of a year. I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be to find a Falcon I could use.
The yuppie tax consultant took his falcon obsession to the next level by allowing Dr. Mindbender to combine his DNA with that of an Alpha falcon. Except for his short wingspan (which allows Raptor flight distances of about a half-mile at a time) the venomization was a complete success. This now makes Raptor the newest and rarest bird of prey.
Raptor: "I am now complete! Soaring through the air, I can effortlessly spot a G.I. Joe member on the ground. I swoop down, talons ready, and treat the Joe like a mouse in an open field."

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