Hat: Headman (Joe vs. Cobra)

Head: Roadblock (Spy Troops)

Body: Headman (Joe vs. Cobra)

Weapons: Tomahawk vs. Headman Set (Joe vs. Cobra)

Here is my very first custom figure. I was inspired to create some customs of my own after visiting this website.

This version of Roadblock can serve as different characters depending on your imagination:

1) Roadblock - Undercover in New Orleans on the trail of Cobra agents. The look might seem a bit suave and out of character, but he will definitely do what it takes for the Joe team!

2) Private Eye - He is perhaps a member of Roadblock's family from the present day or from back in the Jazz Age.

3) Gangster - I see this as more of a hitman-for-hire role. Smooth, charming, and dangerous.

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