head- Iron Grenadier
body - Hi-Tech

coat - Temple Tracker Spirit
laser pistol - Cobra Commander v1
BFG - Battlefield Cobra Commander

Baron Ironblood staged a coup to make his disappearance and lend his power and infamy to a then unknown Cobra Commander. Among his faithful minions that where thrown to the proverbial UN and Action Force wolves was Red Laser. A brilliant scientist, excellent marksman and loyal to a fault to Baron Ironblood, it was thought he fell with his squad protecting the Iron Keep from the final surge of troops. Years later while pursued by GI Joe, Cobra Commander was caught in a crossfire, confronted by three of The Baron's old acquaintances. The Commander barely escaped but had injured The Black General, whom survived with Red Laser's surgical knowledge. Upon reaching safety Cobra Commander ordered the immediate execution of any known Red Shadows Agents, a task Baroness gained much of the Commander's respect from. Red laser has since then been almost a ghost haunting Cobra Commander everywhere almost having the perfect shot, making the Commander more and more paranoid with every near miss. Once the call for the Red Shadows to rally forth and rise from the ashes came, Red Laser didn't respond; many think he is dead, some feel he is the thing that makes Cobra Commander so manic at times and others think the threat is real.

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