head: Bullhorn
torso: Beach head v1
arms: Downtown
lower body: Lift Ticket v1

pack: Snake eyes v2

knife: convention Falcon I believe

gun: Rock n Roll v1 (modified with AK47 clip from Front Line Defenders)

Rambo, John J.

Special Forces, Green Beret
Baker Co.

One of a select in this ultra elite unit, sent out on highly classified, top secret missions, drawn up directly from the Pentagon.

All that is known of Rambo is it is believed he is born in Arizona. That can not be confirmed officially.

I had made the body, well I had at least laid down the foundation color to it, and it was lying around, and I was not sure what head to use. At the same time i was working on a 'Billy' from Predator, which I was trying a Bullhorn head on, and it just didn't seem to work for the Billy, so I plopped him on this bod, did the camo work, and when I was done with him for some reason he made me think of a young Rambo.

In a better time, before the scars of war.

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