Whole Figure- Range Viper 90
AK-47- Marauder Inc.
Knife- Leatherneck 93
Backpack- Cobra CLAWS 02

Range Vipers are one of my favorite Cobra troops. Their specialty makes them masters of the environment, which they can use to their advantage no matter where they are. My only problem with them was, of course, their unusual color scheme. I doubt they can blend in the wilderness with blue, black, grey, and yellow uniforms so I decided to give them a more practical and environment-friendly look. A simple green and brown camouflage scheme works so much better. I also decided to do away with all the heavy equipment and gave them equipment that is easier to maintain for long periods in the bush and won't slow them down.
Doing this finally gives the Range Viper some much needed dignity and respect for their fearsome visage and superior outdoor skills.

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