Head: Dr. Mindbender '86 (modified)
Torso: Buzzer '85 (modified)
Upper arms: Low-Light '86
Middle arms: Hot Seat '89
Hands: Hardball '88
Waist: Recondo '84
Legs: Tripwire '88 (modified with Rock & Roll '89 knife)

Entry for the NJC #49: Thundercats.

I didn't know a lot about the line, I just watched the cartoon a few times as a kid. I still wanted to enter the contest though. I didn't care much for the main figures, so I searched for other characters. Driller immediately got my attention. Then Safari Joe.

Building notes:
The head was easy, Dr. Mindbender's is almost the same. Sanded his moustache a bit, dremeled the glass and put some Green Stuff (GS) in there.Buzzer was selected to provide the torso. Sanded away the decorations / straps and filled the bare chest part with GS to create a scarf look.
The arms were a new challenge for me. Used Low-Light upper arms because it had small pouches on the shoulders, just like the original Safari Joe. The middle arms needed sleeves past the elbows. Hot Seat had these, but he didn't have the fingerless gloves. So I cut his and Hardball's hands and glued the gloved hands to the new arms. Turned out pretty good, I'm satisfied about that part.For the waist I looked for one with a jacket visible below the belt. Recondo's waist was OK.
Legs were supposed to be "smooth" with simple boots. Tripwire had them. I couldn't see exactly what the detail on the thigh was on the original Safari Joe pics. It seemed to be a knife. I came across Rock 'n Roll V2's thigh knife. Hey, new idea: cut it from R&R and attach it to Joe. This worked out very well. A little extra GS to fill the gaps and he was done!

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