Head= SW Darth Nihilus
Rest of figure= Shadow Tracker
Bow/arrows= MU Hawkeye
Machete= SDS
Belt= PoC Zartan

I really liked the idea of a new Cobra character, but I didn't really get Shadow Tracker. I really didn't care for all the neon at all, and most of his weaponry was just weird to me. I decided to make him more native looking to the jungle or maybe African plains. I went with a Darth Nihilus head and got rid of the Hockey mask with Tarantula on top. I decided to go without the vest at all, and instead gave him a random wrap. I did want to keep the spear with him and to accent the look went with a more traditional bow and arrow pack thanks to a Hawkeye figure which I cut tiny slits in and then strung with fishing line . The machete I used from SDS matches the spear in design pretty well too I think. I was going to try and do something with the hole in his left leg, but after some thought went back and filled/resculpted the area over to match his pants.

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