Head: Crimson Guard Immortal '91 helmet, Desert Scorpion '91 visor + Barbecue '85 mouthpiece
Torso: B.A.T. '86
Arms: Bison '93
Waist: Barbecue '86
Legs: Barbecue '86
Backpack: Voltar '88 modified with Snow Serpent '85 rocket modified as shoulder cannon

This was my winning entry for the NJC #59: Human Form Transformers.

Here's how I made it:
The CGI head came close, but the mouthpiece and the visor wasn't exactly Soundwave. Eventually the head consisted of parts from three different Joes. It was pretty challenging to glue them together and make it look like a head of one piece. I'm pretty satisfied about the outcome, looks very much like Soundwave, if I may say so.

The torso is an old BAT torso, without the chest piece. As seen in the WIP-pic, I put some Greenstuff in there and pushed a cut-to-fit piece of plastic blister on top of it. Didn't work exactly like I planned, because there's a small hole uncovered.

The shoulder cannon was difficult, especially the part drilling the holes in the right places. That was a failure, but there wasn't enough time to make a new one.

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