Helmet - SW Biker Scout
Head - Resolute Pilot Destro
Jet Pack - ROC Storm Shadow back pack with Firebat wings and missiles
Force Blast - Crimson Dynamo
The Rest - ROC Accelerator Suit Duke

Skywarp was one of two entries in my first and so far only NJC, with the theme of Transformers characters in human form. I'm not a giant TF fan these days, but I thought this was a great idea and combed through image databases looking for cool characters to translate. I had a giant list that was whittled down to two, at least for the time being. I was glad I cut the facemask out of the helmet without leaving it too lopsided, and it was fun coming up with the metallic fuchsia shade on his chest. I decided to add this guy to the Cobra ranks, as perhaps a cyborg terror from above.

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