Head: Clean-Sweep '91 + M. Bison '93 hat
Torso: Corps!
Arms: Beach Head '86
Waist: T.A.R.G.A.T. '89
Upper legs: General Flagg '92
Lower legs: Tunnel Rat '87

Kart: Playmobil
Steering wheel: Snow Cat '85
Banana: piece of straw

An pretty obvious choice for the NJC #65. Mario's head took me quite some time modifying. Had to cut the hat from Bison, cut the head from Clean-Sweep and make them both fit together. Used some Greenstuff to make this work, also enlarged the hat with Greenstuff and made a bigger moustache. The Corps torso was just perfect.

I just had to make a kart too, because I believe Super Mario Kart is one of the best SNES games out there. That game got a LOT of playtime in our house.
I cut and dremeled some stuff off of the kart, because Playmobil figures are a bit smaller than Joes. Other than that the scale looked very good to me. Replaced the steering wheel for the one from Snow Cat. I came up with the banana idea on the very last moment. Cut and painted a piece of straw for that.

Strange sidenote: when making this custom I found out Mario's hair is always brown, but his moustache and eyebrows are always black......

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