Head: Chun Li
Chest/Back, Waist, Lower Legs: '85 Lady Jaye
Arms: '05 Scrap Iron
Upper Legs: '87 Jinx
Backpack: Cast '86 Hawk


Shary Wingfield appeared in GI Joe #4 as the wife of Vance Wingfield. She served as one of the officers for the "Strike First" militia. The comic uniform featured Mrs. Wingfield in fatigues, so the Lady Jaye body provided many of the parts. To help mix up the parts a bit, I added the upper legs of Jinx and the Scrap Iron arms. The comic book also featured Shary Wingfield wearing a fitted ballcap. I did away with the ballcap because most of the parts for the figure are from Lady Jaye, who also sported a fitted ballcap.

The arms were first used by Hasbro for the '84 Thunder figure. They were bulkier than some of the male arms Hasbro made for most of the 82-84 figures, but are still within the range of a woman who does intense physical training (Linda Hamilton's bulked-up Sarah Connor in Terminator 2 comes to mind).

The Lady Jaye sculpt has a webgear harness, so I also added a backpack to round out the design.

Colors & Paint:

Roughly taken from the comic book. I couldn't exactly match the uniform's burgundy seen in the comic book- the closest spray paint had more red. To draw the red out of the uniform and make the uniform appear a bit more brown than it really is, I made the t-shirt straight red. I had to add a wash on top of the spray paint base just to handle the figure, as the spray paint stayed tacky and didn't dry completely. It doesn't detract from the figure on its own, but makes the uniform a bit inconsistent with the other two Strike First customs I made earlier.

To additionally alter the "Lady Jaye" vibe of the uniform, I painted the inner belt to match the boots and made the outer belt a buttery brown color. Using two belt colors is the same trick the GI Joe Collector's Club used to make its Doc (Carla Greer) look different from Lady Jaye and it worked fairly well.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The sunglasses are sculpted and the neck was also reworked to plug into the neck socket.

Shary Wingfield's hairstyle changes from panel to panel. I opted for the medium length hair and sculpted it onto the Chun-Li head and the Lady Jaye shoulders. Because she was drawn with wide hair along the shoulders, I assumed that she'd have thick and luxurious 80's hair without the ballcap.

Thanks for looking.

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