Head: Star Wars Mace Windu with sculpted hair
Torso: Snake-Eyes v54
Arms: Avengers Nick Fury
Hands: Star Wars Cloud City Guard
Legs: 25th Shipwreck
Coat: SDCC Destro with vest cut out
Collar: Beachhead

In the 70s a company called Shindana Toys was founded, with the goal of making toys that reflected the interests and culture of African Americans. Among their offerings (including a plush talking doll of Redd Foxx) was a 12in action figure called Slade the Super Agent. He was basically a hair shy of a copyright infringing John Shaft (shut your mouth!) but was still a really cool idea. I first heard about him, and Shindana while wasting time on the great toy (and general 70s stuff) site, Plaid Stallions. He'd been on my list for awhile, fitting nicely with my love of unique toy characters and seeming like just the kind of guy that the Adventure Team or the P.A.C.K. might run into, and when "The 70s" came up as the theme for the No Joe Challenge he was the perfect choice.

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