Head: Marvel U., unmasked, ST Chekov
Base Figure: Marvel U., bashed with Super Hero Showdown pieces
Also includes Rare Earth Magnets

I used a red elbow joint from a Star Wars figure to convert the neck ball into a hinge, before the hinged joints became more prevalent.

Peter Parker didn't plan on becoming a masked vigilante - who would?

Parker set out initially to be a member of the armed forces. He aspired to join the Joe team, and had done all he could to get a green shirt nomination. When he failed (dramatically so, being assigned a photo journalist position) he requested and received a transfer to the newly formed EXCAL organization. There he kept up the guise of war correspondent, while he began to work behind the scenes to impact the war in a more direct fashion.

Parker had never been considered athletic in a jock type of way, yet he had always had a given ability for running, jumping and climbing. Those latent traits all exploded, however, after Parker encountered one of the first known portals to be found active in the modern era. What came through the portal was much smaller than feared - almost unnoticeable. The but the 8 legged creature of unknown origin changed Parker's life forever. For the spider bit Parker, and Parker's physical abilities changed, grew stronger, and gave him skills and traits that might suggest that his DNA had actually been altered by the foreign arachnid.

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