Head is a commissioned Hydro-shrink job by Asphalt;
Body is SDCC Destro, modified by cutting coat length, sculpting scarf, and adding ascot, amongst other details;
Hat is built using clear plastic insert from Henry Jones hat fused onto a brim from a 25A Wild Bill hat;
Gun Belt is MU Union Jack (?)
Belt Buckle is Aves Fix-It, and removable belt buckle Derringer pistol is plastic kibble;
Sword Cane is Henry Jones umbrella handle fused to random blade, stored inside of coffee stirrer as the cane part;
Dynamite made using toothpicks, thread, and Aves fix-it;
Money bag is from Chap Mei
Horse (Satan) is a repaint of PTE horse. Saddle from PTE, Bridle from Dollar Store horse, blanket cut from a vintage Marx Johnny west horse blanket.

When the NJC rolled out with the Cowboys and Indians topic, I knew exactly what I had to do to step up - I had to turn my childhood Marx 12" Johnny West figures into Joe Scale toys. Johnny and his nemesis Sam Cobra were the targets of my efforts. Lucky for me, Johnny won.

The funny thing was that gijoey and I had commissioned these heads to get shrunk by Asphalt some time prior (back when Joe made his Big Jim line). So I had always intended to make these. The NJC was what it took to get me to crank them out.

Sam Cobra is the premier bad guy from the old Marx line of Johnny West 12" Action Figures. Good old Sam was a gambler, thief, and overall shady individual. The Marx figures had surprising good articulation in the day, but their accessories were what really set them apart for that era. These qualities helped make up for the fact that each figure was made using 2 basic colors (flesh and a molded body color), with only hair and eye details painted in any way.
In making Sam be 3 and 3/4" scale, I tried to balance paying proper homage to the original, while trying to keep his look semi-relevant. I basically kept the body style all black, but added more face detail than the original figure had, and I injected some color details to the accessories, which originally would have been all in black as well.

The other thing that made the Marx cowboys interesting were the great Marx horses. With that in mind, I felt this figure would not be complete without Sam's trusted steed, Satan.

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