New Head: ROC Scarlett modded
Body (updated from v.1 custom), which included:
ROC Helix torso, upper arms, legs and modified belt
25A Scarlett gauntlets/lower arms
Black vinyl holsters for cross bow and pistol
TR1ER sling for machine gun
CS Snake Eyes sword/scabbard, modified

I was pretty happy with my Scarlett custom previously until I saw a few people make figures with the ROC Scarlett head which really showed off how well sculpted it was. Sometimes just adding the right paint can really do the trick.

Here I also modded the hair to better match the actress's look from Rise of Cobra, then painted to give the sculpt more life.

It's a minor change, but it opened up the other head to be used on a different custom, and actually gives this figure better overall proportions.

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