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Organizational History Briefing

History tells us that the G.I. Joe organization developed out of what was originally to be an elite commando unit of the SHIELD organization, named Fury Force. History lies.

The Fury Force legend was created to hide the truth about the organization which not only gave birth to G.I. Joe, but to the modern day hero, period. That group was a justice-seeking, civil rights minded force of change known simply as: Falcon Force.

>CLASSIFIED, aka Space Ghost. Perhaps no government agent has ever gone so far as Space Ghost to truly become his code-named alter ego. In this instance, it progressed to the point that the agent maintained the persona even post-retirement, and even into subsequent careers, including the creation of a new fake alter ego, to perpetuate the theme.* There is no doubt that the efforts paid off, however, as Space Ghost turned his secret agent past into a semi-lucrative career, and was himself largely responsible for the Falcon Force members being portrayed in cartoon form.

FOR YOUR EYES ONLY: Space Ghost was really legendary NASA Astronaut Major Ozzie "Gus" Steele, who history tells us died during an early test mission of the Apollo Project, when his capsule vanished from orbit. In some respects, Major Steele did die that day, as Space Ghost was born to take his place. However, the CLASSIFIED details concerning the event/encounter can be found isolated within your Area 51 Briefing Booklet. Space Ghost was the Falcon Force pilot and tech weapons expert. Many of the devices he incorporated into his arsenal are believed to be of alien origin, and only SG himself was capable of operating most of them. Though doubts remained for years that Space Ghost really was Major Steele, DNA testing performed in later years did subsequently confirm the claim.

[*See Ghostal, Chad and/or Thad.]

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