Torso, legs, belt, upper right arm, and whole left arm - 2009 5 Pack Snakeyes
Ankle Pouches - dremeled off of a 1985 Snake Eyes
Holster - Hunter Artworks cast of my sculpt
Lower right arm - Hall of Heroes Snake Eyes
Knife sheath - POC Beach Head
Head - Modified Hunter Artworks cast of my bash of an ROC Snake Eyes head with 1985 Snake Eyes visor

When the 25th Anniversary line came out I was excited to make a Snake Eyes that would be a perfect modern representation of the original 1985 card art. I made several different customs using various head sculpts, and different body pieces, as new figures were released that were closer to the original design sculpt. Once I made this one I would occasionally upgrade when better parts were available. When the Retaliation "Ultimate" Snake Eyes was announced I decided to stop upgrading this custom and leave as-is, as a tribute to what I was able to accomplish before Hasbro actually made one. The last picture shows a comparison of my custom to the 2 best versions Hasbro had made at that time.

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