Head: Corps
Torso: '90 Rock Viper
Arms: '91 Sci-Fi
Waist: '86 Dr. Mindbender
Legs: '90 Coldfront

Scattershot began designing and making his own weapons as a child, which initially landed him in hot water with his parents, school, and even the authorities. It eventually caught the eye of the military and he was approached by Gen. Hawk with an opportunity to work in the "fobbit hole" designing weapons for the Joe team.
He spent years working on weapons and equipment for use in the field by others, and he aspired to being the one to use them. After completing Army basic training and many of the Joe teams own advanced combat courses, he know has his chance to prove himself in the field as not just someone that can develop the weapons, but also use them.

His current weapon of choice is a multi-barreled, handheld auto-cannon capable of firing thousand of caseless fletchettes in a single shot.

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