at- recondo head
iron grenadier torso and right arm
storm shadow left arm
ff v2 right hand
ff v1 left hand
lockdown lower legs
wwe fit finley jacket
lt stone belt
firefly mask

Sidewinder is another Cobra Agent among Firefly's Pyre Battalion. Highly skilled in sabotage and infiltration, morally bankrupt and devoted to seeing the job through to it's completion. Sidewinders induction to Cobra was simple, he simply appeared one day with his cousin Copperhead looking for work with a healthy side of mayhem. From time to time he would serves as Copperhead's gunner on the Water Moccasin, other times he went back to his roots of sabotaging vehicles before a race to give Copperhead the advantage he needed. There is some speculation that at one time he ran with the Dreadnoks and may be the fuel between his and Zartan's constant bickering and teasing. Aside from Krake and Overkill, Sidewinder has racked up a staggering number of Joe casualties for an individual that has gone completely unidentified until recent events.

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