Head: Sagat
Chest: Sagat
Arms: Sagat
Waist: Buzzer
Legs: Buzzer

Scar loves to fight and he was making a living as a cage fighter. But he was banned from fighting professionally after killing one of his opponents by snapping his neck. He had previously been suspended for holding a choke hold too long and other dirty tactics.

Being a professional cage fighter came with a price though. Everywhere he went, guys were always wanting to test him. He's lost an eye in one fight where he was attacked by 3 guys in a bar and one had a cork screw. They have have taken his eye but he took their lives. The scar on his chest came from a sword after one of the guys he had previously knocked out in a bar fight came after him looking for revenge. The man got one swipe with the sword before he was disarmed and choked out by Scar.

Bar fights don't pay the bills though, so Scar works for the Dreadnoks. They gave him the name Scar. Before that he went by his real name, Chayan Aawut.

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