Head: Charbroil (v1) 1988
Torso: Red Star (v1) 1991
Arms: Mainframe (v1) 1986
Waist: Hardball (v2) 1988
Legs: Roadblock (v2) 1986

Helmet: TF Duke (v2) 1988
Mic: Dodger (v1) 1987
Weapon: Freefall (v1) 1990
Backpack: Stretcher (v1) 1990

This is the first custom I ever made. I started customizing in November of 2016 and I never stopped customizing since then. I can see the many flaws in this one now, but remember that before this custom, I never painted anything else but walls (white is my specialty).

I haven't found the time to read the comics yet, but a friend of mine gave me the idea to make Sparks. I like the character and I wished they gave him a bigger part in the cartoon.

Sparks caused my custom fever!

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