Head: Angry Nomad Shrink
Masked Head, Coat, Arms, Legs: Hasbro's recent figure
Torso: Renegades Law with movie accurate decal on shirt
Headphones (same as from my 1st figure), from the mini-mates figure.

My first Star-Lord was made with no actual Star-Lord parts available aside from the guns and headphones from a mini-mates figure, both of which took a lot of work to be useful to me. There was simply nothing in scale to borrow from.

Jump ahead to the second movie, and I was super excited to get the Star-Lord and Yondu 2 pack. At least until I got it. The scale is way off. In addition to having a non articulated torso, Star-Lord, in-scale, would be big enough to play center for an NBA team. That said, I at least had something to work with, and set out to bash parts onto a Joe frame. In the end, the only Joe part I used was the torso, as the Star-Lord legs were proportioned ok.

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