Head: ROC Repeater
Torso, upper arms: 25th Duke
Lower arms, legs: 25th Hawk

The Bronze Bombers was a short-lived toy line produced by Olmec. Two "waves" were produced. The first one, released in 1988, consisted of a dozen different figures and 2 small vehicles. The figures had similar molds to Galoob's A-Team figures from the early '80s and were of lesser quality. In 1997, Olmec acquired several GI Joe molds from Hasbro and produced a 12 figure boxset consisting of recolored vehicle drivers like Motor-Viper, Skidmark, Darklon and Strato-Viper. A year later, Olmec filled for bankruptcy and Bronze Bombers line disappeared.

The original Sure Fire figure shared the same parts as Shakka Johnson. Since I have a custom of that character, I repeated the recipe here, used a different head and painted him the proper colors. Like my other ''1988'' Bronze Bombers customs, I used mostly 25th parts to convey the retro feel of the figure.

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