Head - Falcone O-Ring Shooter (modified)
Arms, legs - Short-Fuse v2
Torso, waist - Agent Scarlett v4 (modified)

Backpack - Grunt (accessory pack version)
Rifle - Barrel Roll

Since Shooter was retconned as an original member of the GI Joe team, she obviously needs an ARAH action figure to fit in with Stalker, Zap, Breaker and the rest. This is the 1.5 version of Shooter, with Swivel-Arm Battle Grip. The head is custom-cast, but all other parts are taken from moulds from the original run of ARAH Joes, with some modification to Scarlett's torso to give Shooter the right look. The Shooter figure released by Hasbro in 2016 had a Barrett M82 rifle, but I gave her a pretty basic sniper rifle instead, since the M82 isn't even a sniper rifle.

File Name: Craig, Jodie F.
Birthplace: Montclair, NJ
Service Branch: Army
Grade: E-7 (SFC)
Primary MOS: Infantryman (Sniper)
Secondary MOS: Chaplain's Assistant

Pulling the trigger is the next to last thing Shooter does as an expert marksman. First, she might take days to move into a shooting position, progressing by inches. Then she remains motionless in the hide, waiting for the target to appear. Once the target is acquired, she uses hard-won skills and esoteric knowledge to judge wind deflection and bullet drop before exercising precise breathing control prior to trigger break. The last thing she does is the hardest - getting away.

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