Head, waist, legs - Storm Shadow v2
Arms - Low-Light v5
Torso - Hardball

Submachine gun - Action Force
Sword and scabbard - Scarlett v4

Good-guy groups are useless without some bad guys to fight. GI Joe has Cobra, and Eagle Force has RIOT, the Roving International Organization of Tyranny, which makes me glad that Hasbro didn't try to come up with a backronym for Cobra (the Callous Organization of Bullies, Ruffians and Anarchists?) At any rate, before Storm Shadow there was Savitar, RIOT's resident ninja assassin. He was particularly awesome because he came with both a sword and an MP5. Storm Shadow v2 forms the basis for this figure, which I think turned out really well. He gives ole Stormy a run for his money in the ninja awesomeness category.

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