Head, arms, left hand: Marvel Universe- Drax
Neck: Retaliation Roadblock (cast)
Chest/back, hands: NS Zartan
Right hand: Star Wars- Anakin Skywalker ???
Waist: NS Beachhead
Legs, feet: 25A Roadblock
Vest: Renegades Cobra Soldier???
Rifle: 25A Crimson Guard


How do you fit Captain America into the world of GI Joe? Probably something involving rejuvenation science developed by Dr. Mindbender. That science was then applied to elderly WWII veteran Steve Rogers, who has earned the moniker "Captain America" by the Joes. How's that sound?

Or, if you're Hasbro, you could just blatantly steal the high points of the Captain America origin story, pepper in some Sgt. Fury and some Sgt. Rock, and call it Sgt. Savage. Hasbro introduced Sgt. Savage after the end of the ARAH line, as the lead character in Sgt. Savage and the Screaming Eagles. After that failed, Hasbro even carried the character forward into the GI Joe Extreme line for two additional figures.

This custom began as a Captain America custom. Since Sgt. Savage is the lazy imitation-Captain America of two GI Joe toylines, I decided to just make the custom Sgt. Savage. Is he an old man suspended for decades awoken in a crazy world? Who cares.

Colors & Painting:

This custom was originally intended to be a mix of various Captain America designs. Once it became Sgt. Savage, though, I changed out some of the pieces and painted the figure as a hodgepodge of the various Sgt. Savage figures.

Sculpting & Modifying:

The hairline was sculpted. The man-boobs of the Zartan chest were removed so that the vest could fit properly, then the chest was re-sculpted to look as if it were a t-shirt. The right hand was a replacement, as the Drax hand was missing, so it had to be bulked up to match. The thigh screw insets and elbow pins were epoxied smooth.

Thanks for looking.

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