head, torso lower legs - para-duke
helmet - duke visor upside down and backwards + lucas palucas Mexican candy lid trimmed
zartan forearm & right hand
iron grenadier forearm
arctic snake eyes left hand
leg armor is skirting trimmed off Cobra Commander when I made the 93/94 eels
a fire fly knee pad is on the armored arm
a duke v1 vest with the black shoulder plate removed
part of a heavy duty gun strap for the chest strap

blitz is made from a sluggaterra figure I cut the motorcycle handles off and put a sigma comn pad over the gauges

Empire City has become an inferno of illicit illegal activity, at the center of it Brandon "Big Boss" Babel and his Crooks.

Inspired by the success of the GIJoe team Empire City created a unified task force, this Central Organization of Police Specialists sought out the elite of the world's Peace Keepers.

SGT. Rex "Bowser" Pointer from Chicago is the Unit's K-9 handler with his partner Blitz. Together they operated in tandem in ways that are nearly of one mind. Saving "Bowser" from a blast Blitz was seriously injured and nearly died, his frame and body repaired with state of the art tech. Reunited they are bringing down every criminal that crosses their path.

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