All parts - Red Laser and White Elephant Toyz reproductions (Snake Eyes, Grunt etc.)

Submachine gun, satchel - Snake Eyes (Red Laser reproductions)

I received a set of Red Laser custom figures and decided to use them largely for parts, sometimes combining them with parts from a set of White Elephant Toyz figures as well. I don't really remember which parts of this figure came from which set, it's a mishmash of various parts. This figure might just look like an original Snake Eyes with the lower legs swapped out, but in fact every part of this figure is a reproduction part that's painted black. I've mentioned before how much I love Testor's Model Master flat black paint, and I saw this custom as an opportunity to cover every bit of a figure with that paint. I even painted all the insides of the parts, so if you take him apart he's stick completely black. It was a very satisfying experience.

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