Head - Barricade (modified with boonie hat from Marauder Inc.)
Arms, legs - Falcon
Torso, waist - Tunnel Rat

Machine gun - Made from parts of Rock 'n Roll machine gun (reproduction) and Marauder Inc. M60E3
Backpack - Recondo (accessory pack version)

In Vietnam, Stalker, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes all served in the same Long-Range Recon Patrol (LRRP) unit. The other members of the team were Dickie Saperstein, Ramon Escobedo and Wade Collins, all three of which apparently died in a firefight. The surviving members later found out (in comic issue #42) that Collins had actually survived, and become a Cobra Crimson Guardsman. Some of Larry Hama's finest GI Joe storytelling to be sure.

The execution of the CLASSIFIED comic pack figure that Hasbro did in 2006 is good in principle, but I wanted to produce my own version. The main concept was to keep the boonie hat pulled down over the figure's eyes to maintain a sense of mystery. It's made of a Barricade head, shaved down some to allow a Marauder Inc. boonie hat to be glued to it. The rest of the figure is a pretty straightforward Vietnam-looking getup. It's based on his appearance in issue #26.

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