Resolute Scarlett - figure
Helix - head
Sword from roc Snake Eyes
Resolute assault rifle
Knife and bandolier - random figures

Scarlett has always been a favorite of mine, and I always wanted a version 2 to replace mine when the original broke. This one is a pretty simple custom repaint of the resolute Scarlett. I always thought that Scarlett in the comic and cartoon looked like she had dyed red hair so I went all out and made it the reddest red I had. I don't really care for the face on the helix figure but I wanted a short hair Scarlett (so I could use more accessories ) and I messed up modifying a couple of heads so I just gave up. I shrunk and glued a MGR star to the wrist and placed a knife off a random 30th figure on the right thigh.The resolute assault rifle is one of my favorite G.I.Joe guns next to laser rifle that was a staple in the cartoon and use it when I can

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