Entire Figure & Backpack: Budo V1
Sword: Spytroops/VvV weapon lot
Paints used: Tamiya Black Green (Hair), Mr. Hobby Acrysion Flat Red (armor), Tamiya Field Blue (sleeves, pants), Mr. Hobby Acrysion Green (belt), Tamiya Black (boots)

Kazemaru Seijiro Kazunari, commonly known as Seiji, is a samurai from the Warring States period of 16th century Japan who served the Takazaki clan*. Though they were a small-time clan largely forgotten by history, Seiji made a name for himself with his unique martial arts skills, combining his native Japanese combat forms with ancient Chinese fighting arts he learned during a training pilgrimage. He has passed this martial form to all of his children, who have passed it on to theirs.

*Takazaki clan = A fictional samurai clan created by me, situated in western Japan

This is a character I created in Soul Calibur IV back in 2008, and generally use in samurai settings (fiction, RPs, etc). For fun, I painted up an old Budo figure to look like him, or at least an approximation of him if he were made as a G.I. Joe figure in the 80s. I got a loose Budo figure and the backpack separately, and do not have his helmet or any of his original weapons.

His hair is actually supposed to be black or dark brown in-universe, but in Soul Calibur, I stylized it as a dark green, so I did the same here to make him look less like Budo himself.

The second picture is of him in Soul Calibur IV. (Credit to Perseonn Balthasaar of Another Stage of History)

In my Joeverse, he is an ancestor of Budo, who preserves his unique fighting form to this day.

It is also said that after the days of the samurai ended in the late 1800s, one of Seiji's other descendants joined the Arashikage ninja clan, taking his ancestral martial teachings, as well as one of his ancestor's prized swords, with him. This man's great-great-grandson, and the current owner of the aforementioned sword, is believed to be a Red Ninja.

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