Head: ??? (Starwarsgeek cast)
Alternate/helmeted head: ARAH Range Viper cast
Neck: Star Wars Clone Wars- Obi Wan Kenobi
Chest/back, forearms: Star Wars- Dr. Evazan
Arms to forearms: NS Roadblock
Waist, legs to above knee: Star Wars- Han Solo
Legs below knee: 25A Cobra Commander V40
Shawl: NS Swamp Rat
Grenade launcher: ARAH Gung Ho (weapons pack) w/kibble from Han Solo duster as sling
Fox: Playmobil


One of Hasbro's lazy attempts to make a "named" character out of an army builder figure, Skull Buster was introduced in 2002. The figure had no original parts- not even a head- making it a head-to-toe repaint. Ignoring the design of the original figure and all other Range Viper figures, this custom uses pieces that are more practical for someone engaged in wilderness survival. The addition of the tattered Swamp Rat shawl completes the look of a character who lives off of the land.

The horrible Roadblock arms even come in handy, since the bicep ammo bands are a callback to the ARAH Range Viper's across-the-chest band. But oversized bullets are closer in shape to the shells of grenade launcher, Gung Ho's is thrown in as a weapon. The bulk of the arms helps to fill up the shawl, too.

To match the broad shoulders of the shawl, the Dr. Evazan upper body was used. The Dr. Evazan lower arms were also used because of the sculpted cords at the sleeve edges, which look like something a survivalist might do. To balance out the lack of a backpack when the shawl is on, pouches are added to the legs. The padded lower legs adds a bit of bulk, too.

Colors & Paints:

The first and second Skull Buster figures featured purple as the base uniform color with some gold elements. Even for a Cobra survivalist, especially the leader of the group, this is a stretch. A splash of purple survives on the undershirt and eye lenses, but this custom is otherwise decked out in dirty, weathered earthy tones. The belt buckle and Cobra emblem are gold.

Sculpting & Modifying:

Both heads are cast (the helmeted one by me and the human one by starwarsgeek). The lower arms were cut off and replaced, as were the lower legs. The midriff area gap was filled with epoxy and most of the pinholes were filled. The straps for the backpack and the thigh pouches are sculpted from foil paper. The leg pouches are push molds.

Pounce had one point of articulation, but I filled/smoothed it with epoxy and glued the head in place.

About Pounce:

With Skull Buster painted up in desert colors, it was a good time to use up another Playmobil animal I'd acquired. Painted roughly following the markings of an Indian White Footed Fox and other similar desert foxes, "Pounce" is a companion animal character.

Thanks for looking.

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