Head, torso: Spirit '84
Arms: Grunt '91
Waist, legs: Duke '00
Rifle: Bombstrike '05

I had a Spirt V1 head and torso lying around for the longest time, and thought it'd be neat to fix him up; however I never cared much for the original colors (light blue?) so I used a darker denim blue for his shirt, and brown/reddish brown for his lower half and boots.

Lacking original parts I fitted (with a bit of sanding) a pair of '91 Grunt arms to the original torso and used Duke legs--closest I could find to the original Spirit ones--to finish him.

Last but not least, I darkened his skin tone on both his hands and arms. This came out incredibly well, suprising even me.

I considered giving him the Freedom from the DTC version of Spirit, but it was too ungainly and wouldn't hold on, so I opted instead to go simple and just give him a sniper rifle. All in all I'm rather pleased with the results.

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