head: Spirit

body: Zartan (torso modified with America's army)

gun: Ripcord(black)

backpack: Zartan

name: Ironknife, Charlie

birthplace: Taos, New Mexico

Spirit has been selected to take on the highest level Joe mission ever. He has been selected as so because of the tremendous trust Joe has in him. His mission is so highly classified, no Joe, not even Duke knows what it is.

Under no circumstance can it be revealed, least of which to a group of Joe customizers.

*looks around*


Okay off the record?

Okay off the record, and if you repeat any of this pentagon will deny it's validity and leaks will be liquidated.

Off the record, in his backpack contains....

the face of Jesus Christ, a mask of the holy Lord and savior and if it were to fall into the hands of Cobra, namely Zartan, Cobra could rule the world with the second coming.

This my friend, is the whole point to the battle between Joe and Cobra.

Tell no one. That is if you value your life.

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