Skeletor was created using Nemesis Immortal's body repainted with various shades of blue and Montezuma's skull. The hood came from SW Antares Draco. The crossbone chest deco was made with epoxy. The sword was from Army of Darkness deadite.

This custom is one of those that just happened to make itself. I never had any plans on making it and then the other day I started to wonder, who is the baddest villian of all? Skeletor! I looked at Nemesis Immortal and realized how much he looked like Skeletor. Now for why he is in Cobra.

Deep in the cavernous basement of Castle Destro, Lord Destro and Dr. Mindbender are working on an experiment in quantum physics. During the experiment a rift in time and space opens up revealing an alternate world. The first thing seen in the rift is a massive castle with a skull covering the front. The image then changes to another castle sitting on top of a mountain. The castle has a giant serpent made of stone wrapped around it. The rift went further into this strange castle and showed what appeared to be a corpse seated upon a thrown. The body was blue and had a skull instead of a head. Instantly, this strange looking corpse was pulled into the rift and entered Castle Destro. At first Lord Destro and Dr. Mindbender thought that they had a dead body on their hands, then the corpse stood up. His height dwarfed Destro and he pointed at them saying," Kneel before me, for I am your master! I am Skeletor! Lord of Destruction!"

Now in this new world, Skeletor rules over Cobra and is on his way to world domination.

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