Head: 25th Stalker with V2 Stalker knit-cap added-on
Body, arms, upper legs, vest, sidearm, etc.: 25th Airborne
Knees, lower legs, feet: Resolute Duke
Submachine gun: Marauder's

Always liked this version of Stalker. Then again, who goes around making 25th-style versions of figures they hated?

Did this awhile back, the Airborne body is a good base. Had some trouble with the white paint sticking in the joints. The old Stalker hat was brittle and cracked a bit when I shaved it loose. I think if I ever update this custom I'll employ a removable toboggan instead of the glue-job shown here.

As a kid I never could figure out if the brown on his pants was supposed to be mud, or camo. It was probably mud because it wasn't consistent across his pants; then again, it was on his hat, too, but it wasn't on his white jacket?!? Well, maybe his momma used Dreft? Anyway, here, it's mud.

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