Head: POC Alley Viper
Helmet: Halo figure (just about any of them would do)
Torso: ROC Flash w/ POC Tornado kick Snake Eyes armor glued to the front)
Arms, Legs, pistol: POC Skydive
Re-entry Jetpack: '89 TARGAT
Laser rifle: old SW IG-88

I'm surprised that Hasbro doesn't re-use the Skydive body to do something like this. I chose to use the old TARGAT pack (because it's still a great sculpted piece of gear) but you could just as easily use the Skydive pack and tool a unique new helmet and have yourself one of Destro's meteor-troopers.

Again, one of the best figures from my childhood and I was happy to finally make a modern era-style version of them. Imagine a troop of these guys screaming into the battlefield from near-earth orbit, impacting, rising up still glowing orange-hot from the friction of re-entry to laser-blast the enemy!! Okay, so it's overkill, but with the bad guys, that's the idea!

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