Head Snake Eyes
Torso MU Iron Fist
Weapons Varous Joes

He is called the "The MARK." Some say he's called that because he has never missed his mark. Others say it is because of the mark he leaves on his victims. For whatever reason he got the name he is very, very dangerous.

He is an assassin turned vigilantly/hero for hire. Rumors have it that he is a mutant, due to his unnatural strength, speed and agility and his ability to hit everything he aims at. He never misses (Like Bulls-eye).

Log Entry # 987654: Test subject 5 code name MARK I has surpassed all that we could have envisioned. However he has become.....aware, he is no longer under our control and does not follow the programming or the directives. His AI chip has.....evolved and somehow has bonded with his consciousness. He is choosing his own targets and we are concerned that he might be targeting this complex. I am requesting authorization to activate test subject 6, code name MARK II. Time is crucial to the successful programming of MARK II. End Log Entry 987654

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