ME Stalker/Snake Eyes Base
POC Arctic Destro Goggles

One day I was just in the mood to create, and set upon myself to create something out of fodder. In the end, I did make a specific purchase for this custom - I did go buy a pegwarming Arctic Destro, just for the goggles. I then found the goggles didn't fit, which is why I cut the strap off. Luckily, the goggles still 'pinch' enough to hold them in place.

I wanted to prime the entire figure black to have a uniform basecoat for painting. The head was already black, but it was the factory 'nothing sticks to me!' black -- and I didn't want to lose the factory eye paint -- so I used a bit of play-doh to mask the eyes. After letting it dry overnight, the play-doh had shrunk & turned stiff, easily coming off the head & leaving the factory eyes intact.

Another thing I tried on this custom was using watered-down Elmer's glue to thin my paint. I was having trouble with paint adhesion & rubbing off the undercoat while dry-brushing. In the past (ARAH) I'd just hit it with a coat of matte spray to keep it down, but I've been having issues with finishes on ME style figures. I figured I'd just glue the paint down. Didn't really work, and left funky white spots & streaks. Of course, that might have been because one of my shades of purple wasn't acrylic paint, but was instead a ceramic stain.

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