Head: MU Dark Phoenix
Body: ROC Desert Ambush Scarlett
Body Armor: POC Clutch
Rifle: POC SE
Pistol: various POC parts

Born in the south to a single mother, she and her sister Shelia were best friends. Talyn stood up to her sister's bullies many a time and figured it would be that way for life. She didn't mind it not one bit.

Soon after finishing high school, Shelia chose to join the Peace Corp and Talyn joined the Marines. Growing up the tough one, Talyn loved her time in the corp. The travel and gritty lifestyle were her calling. One day her CO delivered the news her sister had been killed in an apparant terrorist strike on a farm.

The farm was run by a doctor who had been trying to help feed the local villages. It was rumored he had found a way to accelerate the growth in plants and thus speed up harvests. Extensive Enterprises had been interrested in the research shortly before the attack.

Upon hearing this she left the service soon after looking for the truth. Leatherneck pointed her to P.S.I. and Abernathy for help.

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