Head: MIB
Body: POC Spirit
Cloak: Prince of Persia
Staff: POC Zartan
Holy Book: dollhouse accessory
Harness: Zombie Viper
Necklace?? MU Kraven maybe?

The man known as the Preacher is a former Lancer officer in the service of the King of Avalon. Blinded in battle, he became understandably disillusioned after a decade of having his health and well-being be ignored by the Kingdom after his last battle was fought.

He claims to have had a vision, and that the visions return, and he has learned various mystical powers as a result. One is the claimed power of foresight.
Whether he has been touched with prescience, or whether he is simply crazed, the man they call everything from Preacher and Prophet to Hobo and Scourge has been preaching just outside the steps of the Royal Cathedral on Avalon Prime (Orbis Bellator) for months now. Most disturbing is that he seems to be gathering a flock of parishioners. While he has not yet done anything illegal, the King's men keep a watchful eye out for the first sign of actual treason, so that the problem may be eliminated for good.

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