Head: Dastan from PoP, modded

Body: POC Beachhead

Legs: POC Zartan

Sash: Prince of Persia

Handgun: Boba Fett rifle (?) modded, with Marauder modular pieces added.

Electro-Sword: SW power pack Back pack, Lightsaber handle, Misc Sword blade.

The Pirate deBraun was one of those enigmatic persons throughout the history of the Two Kingdoms who helped define them, even while striving to defeat them.

Throughout his career he projected him criminal persona emphatically, to the point that he is now remembered mostly for being a bad man above all else. The reality is that there is much more to his story.

Historians are greatly conflicted as to deBraun's true identity, but a consensus has started to develop which paints the man as much more of a political figure and revolutionary, and much less of a violent criminal seeking mere profit.

The Digi-Media loves portraying the swashbuckling aspect of deBraun's life, especially the dramatization of the alleged capture of the Passenger Liner "Midnight Folly". deBraun's various purported interactions with the fallen Paladin Percival Ajax have been chronicled at great length, though most historians believe we have only begun to scratch the surface as to the real story.

The most compelling part of his story is that while Inter-Planetary Authority documents establish deBraun's death at the age of 35, during the bombardment of the Space Station - Artifex, orbiting the Fringe World of Farhaven, no body was ever found, nor were there any surviving witnesses establishing deBraun's actual presence aboard the station at that time...

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