Head: Cast copy of an Aliens Snap-Kit head, modded
Body: Ace from the modern skystriker?
Guitar: scratch build
Cowboy hat: from Chap Mei

"He's a joker, he's a smoker, he's a... you get the point" - Lance Sputnik

I previously talked about the famed bounty hunter, Lance Sputnik. Here is one of his more famous partners.

Known by most as "The Space Cowboy," he is Sputnik's traveling partner, pilot and - to hear him talk - nursemaid as well. They have often joked about how they should make a weekly Digicam show about their exploits, but since they can't agree on which one is the other's sidekick in order to form a title, the populace of the galaxy has yet to enjoy the tragic comedy that might have been Sputnik and the Space Cowboy (or vice versa).

So anyway, let's meet the Space Cowboy, aka Josephus Michaelangelo LXX, yes, the 70th male of the Michaelangelo line to bear the name. Though he likes to perpetuate the Space Cowboy mythos, he always signs his marker the same way: "JM70".

He prides himself on his card-playing (interrupting games whenever he can, to join in), his guitar-playing, and his western themed flight suit. Though Sputnik often ends up as the muscle of the operation by default, JM70 likes to join the fray of capturing a bounty, whenever possible, mostly because he likes to give funny names to his finishing moves. His current favorite is the "Pick Punch" and yes it is just as painful as it sounds....

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