head, lower legs - destro
helmet - pez + heavy duty bandana
torso - gung ho
vest - wwe psycho sid
forearms hands - shipwreck
hammer - 1/6
feet - long range

Tollbooth is an engineering prodigy. It was only natural that he entered MIT for his engineering degree. When he became involved in private sector construction projects, he made his reputation for finding solutions to engineering problems that haven't cropped up until they went past the drawing board. Finding solutions became his personal challenge and he ran out of things to pick out. Working as an independent contractor in Afghanistan he saw the life the soldiers lived and he decided the military became his next challenge. There it became his job to find all manner of ideas to get past the obstacles to where the Joe Team have to be. He couldn't be happier. He was instrumental in the planning and development of strategies involving Cobra's TerrorDrome.

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