Head: shrunk and cast from larger Who line by Hunter Artworks. Painted by me.

Body: Wild Bill (25th)
Arms: ROC/PP Snake Eyes
Coat: Golden Compass
Scarf: 2 Gandalf scarves fused, modded and painted.

I've had a slow brewing "Who-verse" working for awhile now. Like a lot of Who fans, I made a 9th Doctor pretty early on using a ROC Destro head. I later upgraded it, and started looking for other parts for other doctors. Back in the day when Asphalt was big into customizing 1:18 he was shrinking heads from other lines. That's how I got this head, from his online store.

The head and the scarf really make this custom. The rest was just about not screwing it up.

I haven't fully decided how to use the Doctor in my EXCAL verse. As time travelers, I can convincingly use them all, as any version could come to the fixed point of Earth at any point. But I may also expand upon that, and incorporate the story to match the portals I have begun to include. I can also see using the Doctor to bridge several different verses all kind of into one.

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