Head: Ozone V1
Torso: Lift-Ticket V1
Waist: Big Bear V1
Arms: Footloose V1
Legs: Big Bear V1

Franklin Quincy was a up an coming field surgeon, when politics got in the way of his advancement. His commanders did not see him as the promotable type due to his reputation for speaking his mind and poor bed-side manner. He continued to get passed over for promotion and his service record began to get clouded with scandals and reprimands as his attitude slowly deteriorated. During a Adjutant Court proceeding a Robert Faulkner, who was one a member of the tribunal that fateful day, took notice of the work Quincy had done over the course of his service. After the proceeding, Quincy was approached by Faulkner who asked if Franklin would be interested in some work that was more suited to his exceptional skills. Quincy accepted and joined what was the beginning of the recruitment drive for the Faulkner Group.

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