Head - Retaliation Roadblock
Body - ROC Heavy Duty

Tank was the fourth member of Sgt. Slaughter's original Renegades. He took a leave of absence to pay a debt of honor to the man who took him in when he was orphaned. He was not able to kick Cobra-La asses with the Renegades, but he was able to kick Big Boa's ugly [butt]. Tank's adopted father who manages a Mixed Martial Arts training camp needed a fighter to face-off with the rival camp's MMA champion, Big Boa. Tank was triumphant and Big Boa faced his first ever defeat. Tank left the Octagon as a champion and soon returned to Sgt. Slaughter's camp and he was given the opportunity to train MECH Warfare.

" There are now too many variations of Battle Android Troopers but to Tank, they are all just the same, tin cans with silly weapons. There are no other men who can clobber B.A.T.s better than Sgt. Slaughter and Tank. We need no robots to fight B.A.T.s when Tank is around." - Shipwreck

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